Formerly Squareware Studios, Cardbox Films offers storytelling films that strive to capture the most special moments from your life so that you can relive them and share them with your family for years to come. To us, we aren't just filming a wedding or a party, we are creating a time capsule that preserves your family's story forever.

The most important thing to us on your wedding day is that you feel completely at ease and comfortable. Our goal is to capture everything as naturally and fluidly as possible, so we don't stage anything or direct moments, we lean heavily into our documentary style. We will make sure you are standing in the best light, but other than that, we just want to capture your day and your story as it unfolds naturally.

What does "Cardbox" mean to us? I love how you can see the progression of a love story through the cards couples give and recieve over the years, from the first time leaving a toothbrush at their apartment, to wedding days and beyond. My hope with Cardbox Films is that we can bring some of that magic and story telling to you!

What is cardbox?



"When we met in kindergarten, I knew there was something special about you..."

Rachel + Josh

Rachel + Josh were married at The College of Physicians in Philadelphia, PA.

"Love uhh, finds a way."

Jessica + Kyle

Jessica + Kyle were married at Crossed Keys Estate in Andover, NJ.

"I look at her and light goes all through me."


Cynthia + Tracie were married at BOK in Philadelphia, PA.

"Thank you for making my sister the
happiest I've ever seen her."


Emily + Chase were married in Andalusia, PA.

Haley + Ben were married at Willow Creek Winery in Cape May, NJ.

"They make an awesome team, a pretty cute couple and the best of friends..."

haley + ben

"From the moment I met you, I knew a grand adventure was about to happen..."

Carolynn + Ryan

Carolynn + Ryan were married at Onteora Mountain House in Boiceville, NY.

"You are my favorite goof, ridiculous face maker and Chewbacca laugher."


Ivy + Matthew were married at The Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, PA.


our work

Lover of all things film, I first picked up a camera at the age of 14. Ever since that moment I have spent my time searching for the perfect story to tell. I studied Film and Media Arts at Temple University before heading onto real world sets around Philadelphia.

With a wide range of experience, I have captured nearly everything on camera from music videos and weddings, social media videos to broadcast commercials and most importantly the life of my son, Brady. I draw inspiration from filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, Kevin Smith, Edgar Wright and Wes Anderson all sprinkled with a little Tarantino.

I am a passionate person who is always aspiring to create something visionary. I am meticulous, (maybe to a fault), and will check to make sure your audio is crystal clear, like five times before hitting record and be up all night backing up your footage – it’s who I am. I understand how special your story is and would be honored with the opportunity to tell it!

ryan beacher

owner + Lead filmmaker

meet us

The second I stepped into my first entertainment production class at the start of 10th grade, I already knew this was going to be a working passion for the rest of my life. Ever since, I have been involving myself in various media production projects, ranging from music videos in the heart of South Philadelphia to full blown production sets in downtown Los Angeles. I am a graduate of Temple University with a B.A. in Media Studies and Production.

I find the most inspiration in the reaction of the audience. I'm naturally drawn to comedy and believe that making someone laugh will always have the most long-standing effect. Our senses are most influenced by vision, so whether I can reach someone with a 30 second TV spot or a 90-minute feature film, that this medium of storytelling will always be the most important driving force in my life.

When I am not hard at work on set you can find me relaxing with the newest comedy flicks, building legos with Beacher's son Brady, whipping up the meanest grilled cheese you've ever seen and hanging out with my ex-seeing eye dog Tippy.

austin wilson



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